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A couple of trade arrivals, a reminder that we have HAGGATHA - V LPs in now, and some imminent orders and trades. Scroll past this info to see the previous recent updates.

Arrived in trades:

ABERRANT / D.E.R. split LP - Long running Denver grinders meet Brazillian blast maniacs on this split LP - - $16

ABERRANT - Complete Grindworks DLP - The discography from Denver Colorado's grindcore holocaust known as Aberrant. Containing tracks from their demo, all the split material, 3 previously unreleased tracks, and a bonus track taken from the forth coming split with Darge. A total of 34 scathing grindcore tracks. - - $16

AGATHOCLES/LOOKING FOR AN ANSWER split 7" - An early release in the LFAA catalogue taken from the era of the band employing a drum machine. One of my favorite Ag splits, unearthed in a trade. Mandatory - $6
Still hot as fuck:

HAGGATHA - V LP - Haggatha excavate primordial doom from deep beneath the Earth’s crust, conjuring some lamentable ancient devastation. Desperate, ruinous sludge from a cataclysmic prehistory that claws it’s way back into the folds of the reptile consciousness in a torrent of hopeless murk.  Our latest release, co-produced with Nerve Altar in the US. - - $18 - Our first box is running low so get in on this.
Imminent arrivals:

QRIXKUOR - Three Devils Dance LP - Suffocating death, an overlooked release and one of the best from 2016. -

RIDE FOR REVENGE - Thy Horrendous Yearning LP - Uniquely cloying and hypnotic fork of blackness from Finland -

RIDE FOR REVENGE - Enter The Gauntlet DLP - The previous offering by this prolific experimental cult, restocked. -

DAKHMA (US) - Suna Kulto LP - Neocrust, doom, grind collide on this softmore release from the US midwest. Fans of Cloud Rat take note as a jumping off point. -

ENDLESS FLOODS - II LP - "Endless Floods play a minimal, tectonic brand of doom that borders on drone-like ambience, seeped in melancholy, grief and anguish. With 'II' they push at the edges of what doom can do - and set a high bar for the genre in 2017." - Echoes and Dust -

BODY VOID - RUINS LP - Waves of painful doom from this Bay Area outfit, likened to Thou, Khanate, Primitive Man. Depressive gravity. -