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A couple of quick updates regarding arrivals and some info regarding upcoming distro stuff. But first:

Sunday Feb 12th - Black Mass at the Gravity Well

Resources are needed to finish up the DISROTTED/IRN split LP (pre-orders includiong the limited clear vinyl are live here: , and I am going to be working on orders and inventory, so come by and have a look at the new arrivals, scope a record monkey in his natural environment. Beers welcome. Sunday noon to six PM. Invite and drag along as you see fit! If you are not local, send me your money and I will turn it into records for you.

Fakebook says:

In now: Some remedial HAGGATHA doom documents to go with our recent release of their new LP, "V" (Order: and a bunch of other imported death - doom - stench gems:

HAGGATHA - II LP - $16 - Long running west coast doom, if you don't know, now you know. -
HAGGATHA - III 7" - $6 -
HAGGATHA - IV LP - $18 -
AHNA - PERPETUAL WARFARE LP - $16 - West Coast doom death drone chimera return with an ep of stench. Essential, but everything they do is essential. -
NOOTHGRUSH - UNCOVERED FAILURES LP - $18 - A collection of covers both likely (Grief, Crossed Out) to unlikely (Duran Duran, Laura Branigan) from this underrated Bay Area doom institution. -
QRIXKUOR - THREE DEVILS DANCE LP - $24 - Cloying, explosive death, one of 2016's unsung gems. Invictus records, Irish import. -
DAKHMA (US) - SUNO KULTO LP - $16 - " Michigan-based Dakhma meld atmospheric black metal, crust and grindcore into a singular, natural entity. Suna Kulto, the trio’s latest EP, is an extensive, fluctuating two-song exploration of extremes rooted in contrast and abrupt disruption. " - Cvltnation -
ENDLESS FLOODS - II LP - $18 - "Endless Floods play a minimal, tectonic brand of doom that borders on drone-like ambience, seeped in melancholy, grief and anguish. With 'II' they push at the edges of what doom can do - and set a high bar for the genre in 2017." - Echoes and Dust - UK import. -

Some imminent arrivals: school up, limited quantities of these and they will go fast.

RIDE FOR REVENGE - Thy Horrendous Yearning LP - Uniquely cloying and hypnotic fork of blackness from Finland -
RIDE FOR REVENGE - Enter The Gauntlet DLP - The previous offering by this prolific experimental cult, restocked. -
BODY VOID - RUINS LP - Waves of painful doom from this Bay Area outfit, likened to Thou, Khanate, Primitive Man. Depressive gravity. -