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Feb 26 2017 - A few arrivals, impending items and builds.

RIDE FOR REVENGE - Thy Horrendous Yearning LP - Uniquely cloying and hypnotic fork of blackness from Finland - $24
RIDE FOR REVENGE - Enter The Gauntlet DLP - The previous offering by this prolific experimental cult, restocked. - $30
BODY VOID - RUINS LP - Waves of painful doom from this Bay Area outfit, likened to Thou, Khanate, Primitive Man. Depressive gravity. - $18
DEAD CONGREGATION - SOMBRE DOOM LP $19 (restock of the Greek death band's newest EP -
S.V.E.S.T. - URFAUST LP $24 (Reissue of raw French BM, originally pressed in 2003 -
TEITANBLOOD - ACCURSED SKIN LP $20 (Spanish occult death/black, restock -
VHOL - DEEPER THAN SKY LP $20 (Members of Yob and Ludicra doing stellar thrash with a nod towards Voivod -
VHOL - VHOL DLP $28 (As above, first album -

IMMINENT: Holds are available.

ACCIDENTE - PULSO LP - Infectious Spanish pop-punk -
BACTERIA - 28 TRAX DEMO LP - 28 songs demo of BACTERIA from 1994 with Kawakami from DISCLOSE. Ultimative stenchcore short cut grind in the vein of FEAR OF GOD and SORE THROAT. 
DEATH WORSHIP - EXTERMINATION MASS LP - Members of BLASPHEMY, CONQUEROR and REVENGE, ultimate war, requiring no introduction or hype -
KILL THE CLIENT/FEASTEM - SPLIT LP - Absolutely blistering material from KTC, paired with Feastem on this limited release pressed for a Euro tour. - -
MELVINS - DALE CROVER SOLO LP - 2017 repress. To know them is to know them. -
MIDNIGHT - SHOX OF VIOLENCE LP -  Since 2003, Cleveland's MIDNIGHT have been slaying the metal/punk underground with their own, highly addictive brand of lust, filth, and sleaze... hear these legends-in-the-making at their rawest and most rabid. -
OKSENNUS - SOKEA IDIOOTTI LP - One of the strangest bands to emerge from Finland, ever, Oksennus play their death metal like the gods are said to play at being human. As strange and ayahuasca-visionary as Sokea Idiootti gets, it remains death metal. -
SEPTIC DEATH - NEED SO MUCH ATTENTION LP - Septic Death was a thrashcore band fronted by artist Brian "Pushead" Schroeder on vocals. Septic Death's music became a major influence on bands like Integrity, Von, Citizens Arrest, Infest, Rorschach and many other bands tied to the hardcore punk and extreme metal scenes. The band played only a few shows during its active years (1981 to 1986), mostly in Boise, Idaho. A recent "fan club" reissue of a hard to find but important document. -
SKAVEN - DISCOGRAPHY LP - Along with Dystopia, Stormcrow, Neurosis, and Noothgrush, SKAVEN (who’s guitarist Geoff Evans later formed the mighty Asunder) were the rostrum of Bay Area crust back in the 90’s. In its short existence, this band released only handful of splits, which – after their quick and silent demise – have slowly but surely become legendary releases in the underground, for the most part completely unfindable and/or out of print. SKAVEN was indeed a power to behold. Their corroded, crippling, desperate and bass-heavy sound has become, throughout the years, some kind of staple blueprint for modern crust bands. Their dual bass attack, unrelenting fury, emaciated vocal delivery and slimy guitar sound has laid the invaluable groundwork for what would become the so called “stench-core” movement that rose to predominance a decade later. Remastered and essential -
CLANDESTINE BLAZE - CITY OF SLAUGHTER LP - Newest album of Finnish raw black metal, promising a rebirth of anger and abrasion.
MGLA  - EXERCISES IN FUTILITY LP - Restock - Cornerstone of Polish black metal, 2016 album.
MGLA - GROZA LP - Full length album from 2008 -
MGLA - MDLOSCI + FURTHER DOWN THE NEST LP - A collection of 2 EPs released in 2006-2007 - -
MGLA - PRESENCE+ LP - Compilation of 2006 ep with additional compilation material on the B side -
OMINOUS CIRCLE - APPALLING ASCENSION DLP - Comprised of membership from the blinding light regions of Portugal, The Ominous Circle is a burning black sphere of sinuous torment taking shape over their native land... crushing and barbarous Dark Death Metal. -
ORANSSI PAZUZU - VALONIELU LP - Second full length by Finland's psychadelic  interplanetary black metal rogue astronauts. -
YOB - ATMA LP - The sixth studio album by these pacific northwesterners, a blend of crushing and meditative psych-doom emanations. -
We are also looking into ordering copies of the new PILLORIAN - OBSIDAN ARC LP (Ex-AGALOCH). Give it a spin and if there is interest, let me know. This one is being built as we speak. -